The Motorsports Scene

Different kinds of motorsports have a huge following around the world, with the biggest events always drawing huge crowds and fans. However, it can sometimes be surprising for someone who is not invested in the scene to understand how much there really is to learn about this industry.

Popular Motorsports

Formula 1 is a very expensive, influential and popular form of racing, with more than twenty races taking place every year around the world in places such as Monaco, Singapore and Bahrain. Speeds can go up as high as 400 km/h – faster than any other road racing car. IndyCar is a type of auto racing that usually takes place in the US and Canada, and it is the fastest type of car racing in the US. Many have probably already heard of the famous event by the name of Indy 500 that takes place once a year. In America, millions of people watch NASCAR events every year. What is special about this motorsport is that almost all races take place on an oval track, and Daytona 500 is one of the most reputable events today.

Betting on Motorsports

When first getting into sports betting it’s important to know the language, odds and have a sense of what is going to happen on the track, field or during the match to win. Betting on motorsports can be a complicated business, and it’s important to be familiar with all the special terms to avoid getting confused. Knowing the basics is a good place to start before getting more invested in motorsports. Many bets can be placed, such as who will win the race, what drives will end up in top 6 or who will win an entire competition. Wherever you are in the world, there’s sure to be a popular motorsports event occurring, so why not have a flutter?

Kelley Nolan