Best Used SUVs

Finding a reliable used SUV can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Here is a selection of some of the best used SUVs around to make the search simpler.2004 Acura MDX, Toyota RAV4 (2006, 2008), Honda CR-V (2005-08)This upscale vehicle provides enough seating for seven people to sit comfortably, making it a great option for large families. The agile routine handling makes this vehicle a real pleasure to drive, while it offers a smooth and comfortable ride.2006 Toyota RAV4The optional third row seat in this smart vehicle is a great option, while both six cylinder engine offers impressive fuel economy. While this vehicle is great for driving around town, it is built to really go the distance and is ideal for road trips with the whole family.2008 Honda CR-VThis refined vehicle features a stylish interior that combines comfort and style. The four-cylinder engine really packs a punch, while the overall design and style of this vehicle are very elegant, especially for a vehicle of this size.2011 Audi Q5This smart vehicle features a soft and smoothly sculpted exterior that is very attractive. This is one of the best upscale vehicles on the market and the practical interior makes driving enjoyable. The Audi Q5 also boasts a very city-savvy size and a responsive feel, while the enhanced safety features mean that everyone inside will be safe and secure at all times.2004 Toyota Highlander V6One of the first things you notice about this vehicle is its attractive exterior, while the interior is also stylish and comfortable. The Highlander is virtually silent when being put through its paces, while the V6 engine is very strong and powerful. Although this is not a sporty vehicle by any stretch of the imagination, it offers secure handling and despite the fact that it is starting to get a little bit long in the tooth it is still one of the top used SUV models around.2006 Lexus RXThis mean machine has earned a reputation over the years for being extremely reliable. Good fuel economy is delivered despite its size and the vehicle very comfortable, while it is also nicely finished, making this a vehicle that motorists will want to boast about.2008 Toyota Highlander HybridPeople who are looking for a medium sized SUV with three rows should look no further than the Highlander Hybrid. The fuel economy of this vehicle is so good that it compares well to many smaller vehicles, while it also offers a very smooth ride and comes complete with an attractive interior.