Fun Games to Play in the Car

Taking a ride in the car does not necessarily have to represent a period of boredom between two locations. This is particularly relevant if you are planning a road trip within the United Kingdom now that the weather is pleasant. If you hope to add a bit of spice to the next journey, it is a good idea to consider a handful of games. All of these are easy to play and thankfully, you will require little more than your sense of amusement. Let’s now take a closer look.

Car Bingo

There are several variants of this game and the most common involves licence plates. As opposed to being present with random numbers (such as when playing the traditional version), you will possess a board with a series of licence plates from different location that is arranged in a grid. Every time you spot a specific licence plate, you will make a note on the bingo board. Similar to the standard version, patterns of five in a row will equate to a win. Or perhaps you would rather play the online version instead? Perfect if you don’t have anyone in the car to play with.

20 Questions

Why not incorporate a classic during your upcoming journey? 20 questions is undoubtedly fun and you might even learn something new about another passenger. The ultimate goal of 20 questions is to guess an object based off of the clues that another player provides.


There is no reason why this well-known parlour game cannot be enjoyed while out and about. There are very few differences when compared to the home-based version although your ability to physically demonstrate clues might be somewhat impeded. There are no restrictions in regards to the number of players and all that is required is a good imagination. Car games are excellent methods to pass the time as well as to enjoy the company of other travellers. Please keep these suggestions in mind, as each is associated with its own benefits and nuances.

Kelley Nolan